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Rupert Scott

Email Id: rupertscotty@gmail.com

Rupert ScottHe is a Sr. Computer Security Expert in a System Security Application Development industry. She has been working for 12 years in the IT organization and had started his carrier with a simple programming Tester. After completing his graduation with computer science from California Institute of Technology and after having scholarships from the PAU-ME. RT, Rupert Scott started working for small IT company. He has carved a niche for herself in the security and information technology industry.

He also likes to develop programs using various computer languages including HTML and XML, Obj C, COBOL, Python and many other business languages. Apart from his work, he is also an active in content writing in the field of Windows applications and is writing for free on the internet. He also have interest in writing contents and articles and dreams and trying to develop any web application using XHTML codes. He hold strong skills in communication, teamwork, attention to details, software testing and others.

Garcia Lopez

Garcia LopezShe is working as a Senior Project Analyst in a multi national software company in Nevada. She is a successful Writer whose forte is writing technical blogs and articles. She did her Masters in Science from Oklahoma university. She has been very much active in writing reviews of software and other technology related topics. Her experience includes newsletters, articles, tender responses, press releases, editorial, advertorial, reports, brochures, web copy, company profiles and editing.

Over here, Lopez is working as a senior author and Project Manager working on different tasks like arranging meetings, developing new ideas, writing content on virus related topics etc. She is a very good business communicator and a versatile author. She is also commissioned for print media, corporate writing and re-writing assignments, articles/editorials/advertorials etc. At times, she also assists the junior author in their technical writing so as to develop thought provoking content. She is extremely gifted at turning technical writings into plain English that is user-friendly and can be understood easily.